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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Baltic march 3,22 Mb
Fighting days 2,39 Mb
March of Aviators 1,13 Mb
Farewell of the Slavonian 2,09 Mb
Sport march 751 Kb
March of Tankmen (melody of "Our tanks are fast, and the armour is strong") 1,11 Mb
March of 8-th Guards Shooting Division named after general Panfilov 3,85 Mb
March of Artillerists 2,54 Mb
March "Commandos" 3,15 Mb
March "The Entry of Red Army into Bucharest" 3,31 Mb
March "The Entry of Red Army into Budapest" 3,27 Mb
March of Guardsmen-Mortarmen 4,30 Mb
March "Heroes of Stalingrad" 1,98 Mb
March of the Leningrad Guards Shooting Divisions 3,14 Mb
March "Parade" 3,26 Mb
Ceremonial march "Rokossovsky" 2,45 Mb
March "Moscow Salute" 4,26 Mb
March of Tankmen 3,20 Mb
March "The Victory Holiday" 3,14 Mb
Ceremonial march "Glory to the Motherland" 3,75 Mb
Ukrainian march 3,47 Mb
March "Go on a journey!" 509 Kb
Meeting March v. 1 1,29 Mb
Red Army March 618 Kb
Nakhimovians March 558 Kb
March "Ready to Labour and Defence" 1,58 Mb
March of Fighters for Peace 4,04 Mb
March "Friendship" 3,88 Mb
Sacred War (melody of "Stand up, the great country") 1,76 Mb
Budenny March (melody of "We are red cavalrymen") 2,26 Mb
Three Tankmen (melody of "And samurais felt to earth") 3,71 Mb
Fanfares 3,81 Mb
March "Varangian" 1,90 Mb
Victorious March 3,25 Mb
Glory to Guardsmen 3,29 Mb
Mother Moscow 3,21 Mb
Captain Gastello 2,71 Mb
Triumph of Victors 2,73 Mb
Metropolitan March 3,15 Mb
Sviridov's Military Marsch 2,36 Mb
March from film "Belorussian Railway Station" (melody of "Birds do not sing here") 1,93 Mb
Victory Day (мелодия "Victory Day, you were so far from us") 3,38 Mb
In camps 2,72 Mb
Meeteing March of Red Army 3,08 Mb
Navy Guards Meeteing March v. 1 1,95 Mb
Shostakovich's Soviet Militia March 2,32 Mb
Song abou Dnieper (melody "Near coastal rods, near high steeps") 2,71 Mb
Jubilee Meeteing March "25 Years of the Red Army" v. 1 2,75 Mb
Jubilee Meeteing March "25 Years of the Red Army" v. 2 1,95 Mb
March Friendship-Freundschaft (melody "We are walking along the same ways! - Our folks say so!") 3,01 Mb
March on Vano Muradeli's songs 4,47 Mb
March on songs about Baikal-Amur railway 5,32 Mb
March on Serafim Tulikov's songs 4,75 Mb
March "Native Banner" 4,10 Mb
Sport call-signal (Football march) 2,53 Mb
Song about Soviet Army 1,46 Mb
"Militia Parade" or "Naval Parade" - not identified 3,57 Mb
Ceremonial March 3,24 Mb
On a battle campaign 3,17 Mb
I'm walking along Moscow streets 3,00 Mb
Optimistical March (origination country is undefinied) 2,97 Mb
Russian themes March v. 1 3,19 Mb
Brass band 2,18 Mb
March of the Youth 3,39 Mb
Naval March 3,79 Mb
Spring of 1945 3,16 Mb
Navy Guards Meeteing March v. 2 1,86 Mb
To the mother coasts 2,21 Mb
Marines March 2,64 Mb
Sailors' Glory 2,09 Mb
Naval Guards 1,63 Mb
"Naval Parade" or "Militia Parade" - not identified 3,02 Mb
Being n guard of marine borders 2,72 Mb
Solemn March 3,42 Mb
Naval Komsomol 2,66 Mb
Sailor of the Black Sea Fleet 3,17 Mb
Spring of Victory 4,16 Mb
Guard March 2,18 Mb
To the heroes of Patriotic war 2,96 Mb
Victory 2,74 Mb
Prague is waiting 1,96 Mb
Soldatenblut, Franz von Blon, Germany 2,45 Mb
March from film "Put in a word for poor hussar" 1,98 Mb
Russian themes March v. 2 3,19 Mb
Fanfare March 3,97 Mb

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