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Bonnie Dundee 281 Kb
Ca Ira 505 Kb
God Bless the Prince of Wales 553 Kb
Has Anyone Seen the Colonel 896 Kb
I'm Ninety-Five 586 Kb
John Peel 418 Kb
Le Regiment de Saguenay 569 Kb
Les Voltigeurs de Québec 351 Kb
Lutzow's Wild Hunt 515 Kb
Milanollo 861 Kb
Old Solomon Levi 505 Kb
Queen City 992 Kb
Rêves Canadiens 302 Kb
The 31st Greys 336 Kb
The Banks of Newfoundland 1,16 Mb
The British Grenadiers 358 Kb
The Buffs 420 Kb
The Jockey of York 1,32 Mb
The Lincolnshire Poacher 643 Kb
The Longest Day 530 Kb
The Maple Leaf Forever 547 Kb
The Meeting of the Waters 1,01 Mb
The Mountain Rose 683 Kb
The Royal Canadian Regiment 586 Kb
Vive la Canadienne 604 Kb
We Lead, Others Follow 851 Kb
These marches are played on the bagpipes
A Hundred Pipers 479 Kb
Blue Bonnets over the Border 913 Kb
Bonnie Dundee 451 Kb
Garry Owen 494 Kb
Highland Laddie-Seann Tribuhas 831 Kb
The Atholl Highlanders 1,43 Mb
The Campbells are Coming 475 Kb
The Piobaireachd of Donald Dhu 873 Kb
The Sweet Maid of Glendauruel 485 Kb

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