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Russian Empire

 Size   Composer
March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment 0,48 Mb
Marsch aus Petersburg 2,30 Mb Eric ERICSSON
Chasseur (Egersky) March 2,07 Mb
Cavalry 2,16 Mb
March of the Ishmailovsky Regiment 0,56 MbE. AKSENOV
Farewell of the Slavonian Woman (Proschanie slavyanki) 2,09 MbVasily Ivanovich AGAPKIN
Russian March 1,68 MbVladimir Petrovich VISHNEVETSKY
Homesickness (Toska po rodine) 668 KbS. TROFIMOV, L. DUNAEV (?) or A. TROFIMOV(?)
Hussar (Husarsky) March 3,77 Mb
Georgian (Gruzinsky) March 2,35 Mb
March "Varangian" ("Varyag") 1,91 MbNikolai Pavlovich IVANOV-RADKEVICH
March "On January, 9" 2,70 MbV. KUSHNIR
March of 27-th Kievsky Dragoon Regiment 2,35 MbMikhail Ivanovich GLINKA
March of Baturinsky Infantry Regiment 1,82 MbG. HOLEVA
March "For Fidelity" (Za vernost') 3,55 MbF. TEIKE (?)
March "Hero" 2,91 Mb
March of Pechorsky Regiment 2,70 Mb
March "Skobelev" 1,88 Mb
March "Under the Double Eagle" 2,88 MbJoseph Franz WAGNER
March "Victory Joy" 3,38 MbV. BEKKER
Prince Bariatinsky March 768 MbJohann STRAUß (son)
March of 5-th Kievsky Grenadiersky Regiment 1,64 MbL. GOEDE
March "Bagration" 1,77 MbV. LEISEK
March "A battery go to the position" 2,71 Mb
March "Ljaoljan Battle" 2,21 MbV. EFANOV
March of Saratovsky Regiment 1,75 Mb
March "Grenadier" 3,05 Mb
Old Russian march 3,40 Mb
March "Hello to musicians" 2,24 Mb
The Glory of God 807 KbDmitry Strpanivich Bortnyansky
March of the Life Guards Grodnensky Regiment 1,45 Mb
March of the Life Guards Saint-Peterburgsky Regiment (Präsentiermarsch) 2,94 MbFriedrich-Wilhelm III von Preußen
March of the Life Guards Finlandsky Regiment 635 Kb
March of Siberian Riflemen 1,26 Mb
Hey, slavs! 3,89 Mb
Parade of Semenovsky Regiment 2,07 Mb
Flying Horseman 4,16 Mb
Dashingly forward! 3,46 MbP. Fucik (?)

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